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Q: What kind of browser do I need to have?
Internet Banking supports Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Explorer with a minimum of 128-bit encryption.
NOTE: There have been reports of isolated access problems if you are using Windows XP operating system and/or internet explorer version 6.0 or higher. See Exhibit A for suggested fixes.

Q: How do I know if my banking session is encrypted?
You can determine if encryption is being used on a given web page by looking for the icon in the lower portion of your browser (ex. Internet Explorer – padlock). All acceptable browsers do provide detailed information on security levels in "Properties" or "Help" from the browser's menu bar. See your browser's help or documentation for more information.

Q: What can I do to protect my accounts and personal information while banking online?
Here is what you can do:

• Memorize your Internet Banking ID and PIN number
Your online password authenticates you when you begin an Internet Banking session. You should memorize this password and never write it anywhere or reveal it to anyone.
• Change your PIN regularly
It is important to change your password regularly which you can easily do when you begin an Internet Banking session.
• Remember to sign off
You may not always be at your own computer when you bank online. Therefore, it is important to sign off when you are finished banking. In fact, if you are not at your own computer, Prior Lake State Bank recommends that you completely close your internet connection when you are finished with your Internet Banking session.
• Utilize the built-in security features of your browser.
We recommend that you utilize the built-in security features that browsers provide. Choosing certain security settings and options will help protect your privacy.

Q: What happens if I do not log off the system?
By default, Internet Banking has a ten (10) minute time out feature so if the system is not used for 10 minutes then the user will be inactive and will have to log in again.

Q: What happens if I forget my pin?
You are allowed three (3) pin attempts and on the third attempt, if invalid, you will be locked out of the system. You will be locked out until Prior Lake State Bank is notified and your PIN is reset. You may notify the bank by email at or by calling (952)447-2101 during regular business hours.

Q: How late in the evening can I make transfers?
The transfer cut off time for current day's business is 3:00 P.M., central standard time. Transfers may be made at a later time; however, transfers will be posted at 3:00 P.M. on the next business day.

Q: Can a transfer be established to occur in the future or on a recurring basis?
Yes. Transfers can be done once, weekly, semi-monthly or monthly with an expiration date.

Q: Can transfers be deleted or edited?

Q: Once a stop payment has been entered, can it be deleted?

Q: Can I make a loan payment?
Yes. By using the transfer option to move funds from your checking or savings account.

Q: How far back will I be able to see transactions and statements?
For checking accounts, you will be able to view current history since your last monthly statement. Also, from the day your statement prints, that history will be available for thirty (30) days along with the current history. If you need further history, it can be provided to you by our customer service department, subject ot a research fee. You can contact Customer Service at 952-447-2101 during normal business hours. The history is accessed by clicking view current transactions (for current statement to date) or view statement (for the previous statement). These options are in the drop down box next to your checking account listing.
For savings accounts, you will be able to access history for the current statement period and one previous statement.

Q: Can I view my checks on line?
Yes, the front and back of your checks listed in the transaction history referenced in the previous question can be viewed and printed. This option is available by selecting view current transactions for the current statement history or range of transactions for the previous statement history. Click on the highlighted check number or item you wish to review.

Q: Can I download my transactions into a finance software product?
Yes. Your transactions can be downloaded into Microsoft Money spreadsheets and word processing products.

If you are experiencing problems gaining access to Internet Banking and are using WindowsXP and/or Internet Explorer 6.0, suggested fixes are outlined below:

1. Open the browser (Internet Explorer 6.0)
2. Click on Tools
3. Choose Internet Options
4. Click on the Privacy tab
5. Click on the Advanced button located in the Advanced Privacy Settings menu
6. Mark the box that states Override Cookie Handling
7. Verify that the following boxes are marked: (x)Accept 1st Party cookies and (x)Accept 3rd Party cookies
8. Click OK
9. Click OK

1. Open the browser (Internet Explorer)
2. Click on Tools from the menu
3. Click on Internet Options
4. Click on the Privacy tab
5. Move the slider on the left hand side of the page down to its lowest position. You will see the bold text change to Accept All Cookies.
6. Click OK to close Internet Properties; if the Privacy Report windows is showing, click close.

If these solutions do not resolve your access problem, please contact our staff at Prior Lake State Bank. You can contact us at (952) 447-2101 during regular business hours or leave a voice mail. Also, you can email us at We will make every effort to help you address the access issue(s).

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